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    Topics covered are selected news from the "Embedded Marketplace" with a focus on embedded ARM microcontrollers, development tools and CAN / CANopen.
  • Announcements about new CANcrypt software releases, bounty programs, bug fixes, products
  • Bug fixes and update notifications for CANopen Magic.
  • Updates and bug fixes to our CANopen stacks (such as MicroCANopen Plus) and code generation tools for stacks (such as CANopen Architect EDS).
  • Updates and bug fixes to CANopen bootloader products.
  • Bug fixes and updates for testing products related to CANopen, for example CANopen Diag and ESAcademy Test Machine.
  • Bug fixes and update notifications for our CiA447 related products, such as the CiA 447 gateway simulation and CiA 447 universal controller, the CiA 447 source code examples, CiA 447 specific test sequences and news from the CiA 447 Special interest Group.

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